program said it cant access bios

i will try and describe it as best as possible as it is on a another pc which doesnt have internet access.

I start up the program, put the game in the dvd slot and click file,load cd/dvd then it says unable to load bios.

I checked this folder and it was empty.
I havent touched anything other then what i have just said
and it was installed from a usb stick.

i might be able to get the dxdiag file but the actual program seemed to run alright

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Links to instructions on how to get your BIOS can be found there, as well as other info on the config you'll probably need.
you have to dump one from your PS2, check out the link the last guy put.
okay thanks for the link

i thought it would just be easy,install this program then play games
i will have a look around at the manuals and see what i can do

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