ps2 - 100% working emulator????
look at dvd image of game:
metal gear solid 2 substance PC version (OFFICIAL)
there is a PS2 iso game and... small program to playing on pc
meybe someone can do from that a workin emu for all games

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why don't you post that emu here?? Glare
(04-09-2010, 05:45 PM)Mohin420 Wrote: why don't you post that emu here?? Glare

because i lost my dvd:/
Chances are the "PS2 iso" is just used for the resources -- textures, music, FMVs. All of these things are mostly (or exactly) the same for the PS2 as a PC, so there wouldn't have been any reason to re-package that stuff.

The "small program" to play it on the PC is, in fact, a native PC version of the game. It's not "emulating" the PS2 binaries. It's replacing them with a PC version.

Thus, no, it's not a magical PS2 emulator. It's just standard cross-platform gamedev.
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