ps2 controller problem
i have a problem regarding my ps2 controller connected to my pc
when i upgraded my os from windows 8 to windows 8.1 pro suddently i cannot use my controller , It dectected them but when i try to test them under device properties i can see no input coming from my controller

windows xp , vista , 7 and 8 works fines but in windows 8.1 it doesn't

Iam using the blue adapter usb thingy everthing works fine until windows 8.1

Please HELP Sad

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Does this 'blue adapter usb thingy' provide Windows 8.1 drivers?

If not you can try to install the legacy drivers (Using compatibility mode or 'install legacy driver'-feature). Sometimes that works but it would be better to use fitting drivers.
Pretty sure he means one of these:
[Image: nmtluq1389580634918.jpg]

I think they don't come with Win 8 drivers, so try using the legacy ones.
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no drivers include. i bought that thingy when i began playing ps1 emulator.. its 6++ years i think.
can you teach how to install drivers , I dont know much anything about computers especially softwares Sad

@Blyss Sarania
ohh thats the one Smile
i dont know what legacy drivers means.. im so sorry Sad
Even if everyone has these adapters I dont have it so you have to do some work by yourself.

1) find out manufacturer
2) go to its website and look for a downloads section
3) download the highest available driver (preferable win 8 or win 7. WinXP and lower might not work anymore)
4) After downloading right-click on the driver, select preferences.
5) Set compatibility in the compatibility settings to the windows version the driver was made for
6) tick 'Run as administrator'
7) Save/OK

8) double-click on the driver to install and have fun

(as I have said it might not work. If so post again what problems occured)
These adaptors are made by Mayflash:

The specific adaptor doesn't require a driver, but you can take a look here:

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Thing with Chinese products is you get what you paid for. Poorly-made and terribly-designed products that barely work.
A friend of mine had tried one out during a live demo at a local mall and the thing barely registered the analog inputs or certain button presses.

It is a piece of junk, honestly.
You're better off with many other options.
--A better adapter
--Getting a cheap DualShock clone controller for PC (which works fine, minus rumble)
--Trying a DualShock 3 wireless with the drivers posted somewhere in the forums. Searching might turn it up.
--Just playing the games on your PS2 if the laser is still working

tested my ps2 adapter with controller with my friends who have different OS

winXP = everything works fine
win 7 = everything works fine
win 8 = everything works fine
win 8.1 = no luck at all Sad

darn.. i guess it doesnt like win 8.1 huh
Proving once again that micro$oft borked hardware in 8.1
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Can't you downgrade to 8 at the cost of formatting your HDD?
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