ps2 emulator HELP

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First off, read this. It's the forum rules, and a good place to start so your time here doesn't end prematurely Tongue

The forum at large is pretty much dedicated to configuring PCSX2 and getting it to run, so you really shouldn't have a whole lot of trouble getting it going. The Config Guide has nearly everything, so start there; even though the specific config info is slightly dated it isn't hard to figure out.

As for getting the game, you have to get the image from your own disc. Downloaded and otherwise illegally obtained copies will not be supported, nor will talking about them. See the forum rules for more info.

Moved this to General Discussion. Chatterbox won't get you much help.
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thanks. ima delete this thread as soon as i read my thanks lol. so that means i have to have a fatal frame cd right? i get it now. i thought i can download games juz like in ps1 emulator. now i know they're way too different from each other. thanks again ^_^
Quote:...i thought i can download games juz like in ps1 emulator...

Read our rules, specifically #1.
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PIRACY PIRACY Sorry dude I believe admin will discontinue this thread nowSmile

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