ps2 not running
my pc has following configuration
intel pentium 4 2.8ghz
1 gb ram
384 mb internal graphics card (don't have external graphics card)

i tried using different configurations but nothing did the work. can anyone help me.

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You said nothing that can actually help to understand what is happening. From what is said it may range from you actually not running the emulator to it crashing on startup, passing for myriads of possibilities.

Please report what actually happens, if you can get at least to the GUI, if there is any error message, and so on.
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oh it worked after changing the graphics plugin. but its frame rate is only 11-13% how to increase the frame rate. the game i am playing is old game too. the game's name is zatchbell! - mamodo battles
Integrated or internal graphics is a no go for emulation or in this case pcsx2. Also, that P4 cpu is way too outdate... Go play solitary or Atari pac man Wink

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