ps2dis mod
Hello, i created small mod by editing currently available ps2dis files. Is little bit hacky, but work fine for me. Not sure there is still someone beside me that use ps2dis in 2020, so probably that's not gonna be hot release.  Biggrin

Important: To clean previous ps2dis settings run .reg file from this release, otherwise colors/font not gonna be replaced. For people that are scared run .reg file, you can just delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hanimar\ manually. For people that never used ps2dis earlier, that step is not required.

Changes to original:

- New Theme (Dark)
- New executable, that allow to create .pnach format codes for pcsx2 from patch menu (word codes only, no byte/half support)
- Added CTRL + A shortcut, that will invoke analyzer
- Fixed minor alignment gui issue when loading binary files
- Added some more hardware registers to file
- Changed default font size to 12-14 (originally 8)
- Changed Patch List window size little bit





Virustotal scan:


.zip (Size: 158,99 KB / Downloads: 249)

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