ps3 controller on pcsx2
I just bought a ps3 controller today tried it on other games like streetfighter 4 ect and works great. However I'm having a bit problems with pcsx2, mind giving me a help here?

all other key works expect the left and right analog sticks, it seems that only left and down works while up and right dosnt work. It is critical to me because I'm trying to play FFXII where you used left analog for movement and right analog to move the camera.


EDIT: Nvm guys, I found out the problem it was the plugin. Thank you for your time.

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Which plugin did you use? Cause I tried it too (have a couple of controllers here) and had the same problem. Did you also trie it with bluetooth or not? (I was unable to get bluetooth working)
Would love to know what plugin your using man, having the same problem. Im using lilypad and when I go to configure the buttons the 4 lights on the top just continue to blink and the keys dont register at all.
...maybe this helps, the PS3 controller should be connected to PC via USB cable!

Try using PADwin addon, Lily should also work, just make sure that in Settings -> Control Panel -> Game Controllers PS3 Joypad is OK & all works...

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