ps3 controller, pcsx2 1.0.0 and lubuntu 12.10
i need help getting a ps3 DS3 Sixaxis controller to work with pcsx2 1.0.0 on lubuntu 12.10.
i need drivers, commands, and plugins. can anyone help?

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Generally Ubuntu has automatic drivers for when controllers are plugged in. Essentially it's just plug and play. Go to Config >> Plugin/Bios selector and make sure Onepad plugin is being used. Then go to Config >> Controllers (PAD) >> Plugin settings to enable your buttons.
For the drivers
USB => libusb
bluetooth => qtsixa

If you use usb connection, there is an option in onepad for sixaxis.
If you alternate between usb/bluetooth you need to redo the button mapping everytime (because axes don't get same definitions)

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