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ps3 controller pressure sensitivity problem?
(03-18-2013, 02:52 PM)ploppercon Wrote: I was using a different plugin. Lilypad seems to have fixed a lot of the problems, will try to fix them after school and I'll come back if I fail. There's also another problem; screen shaking. I've tried pressing F5 and it doesn't help. Any fix for that?

There are several deinterlace modes, you should keep pressing f5 till getting one which removes the shake, or adjust it directly under GSDX config so it the deinterlace is automatically applied.

Maybe you are using old PCSX2 versions also, what could explain a lot of troubles you seem to be having.
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I have the same problem when I need pressure sensitivity on my DS3 controller. I ended up swapping between 3 different plugins to get it to work for me but I don't know if that would work for a game like GT4. I needed mine for Star Ocean 3 and then for only 1 area. Hope someone can help you get it figured out.Unsure
Is not that hard really. You have two options, you either use Motionjoy + Lilypad-MJ (motionjoy) and configure it accordingly or, you use Scarlet's Wrapper with the provided Lilypad or Pokopom. That's it.
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