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ps3 controller pressure sensitivity problem?
Sorry if this is in the wrong place as I am new here.

I am having a problem where it doesn't matter how hard I push down on the "X" button, pcsx2 only registers it as about a 10% push. In the screenshot I have provided (gran turismo 4) the bar represents my throttle. It would normally be all the way to the top as I am pressing the button all the way down, but it isn't. I have tried messing around in the options and motioninjoy (ds3 tool) to no avial. Please help me! Sad

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check the control panel on your PC, does it say the same?
(03-18-2013, 12:49 AM)Saiki Wrote: check the control panel on your PC, does it say the same?

What do you mean by that?
see picture

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(03-18-2013, 12:59 AM)Saiki Wrote: see picture

Yeah it's fine. It seems to be a problem w/ pressure sensitivity.
I need GT4. Sad

I can also play new games (Dirt 3, grand theft auto 4, saints row 3) fine with it.
Have you tried using Scarlet's Wrapper/Filter and the LilyPad it comes with? Ye'know, to get rid of the motionjoy-ness.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Isn't lilypad only for xbox 360 controllers?
..... .... .... what plugin are you using?! You are supposed to use a modified lilypad with some instructions from motionjoy to begin with to get proper pressure support if I remember correctly.

Scarlet's Wrapper gives XInput (the x360 controllers thingy) support but the LilyPad version supports native pressure. Just click the given link and read, it's a motionjoy replacement basically.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
If you have no use for the motion sensors in the PS3 controller, I suggest using SCP rather than Motioninjoy.
I was using a different plugin. Lilypad seems to have fixed a lot of the problems, will try to fix them after school and I'll come back if I fail. There's also another problem; screen shaking. I've tried pressing F5 and it doesn't help. Any fix for that?

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