ps3 controller to pcsx2 (help)
I kno this has been posted before I tried all the other tips got the drivers ps3 controller
Shows up in control panel and pcsx2 controller config however when I try 2 set it using lily pad it doesn't work won't even show up I tried using ssssspad mod 1.7 but still didn't work any help would be great thanks

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I would help you man But if your running a x64 bit os in windows 7 or vista The road to that is long and harsh. Otherwise just google motion joy. it's a easy install.

But for 64 bit you need a signed driver or run windows 7 in testing mode with a certificate made and signed by you.
[Image: 66xk69.jpeg]
You have to download and install the zlib.dll to use a ps3 controller on pcsx2. I just use a wired 360 controller it is much easier to me

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