ps3 emulator
Helloe people Tongue
As you can see from the thread's name i want to chat for ps3 emulators.
First of all i know this is the pcsx2 thread.
I was doing a small search and was wandering for a ps3 emulator
i mean look at this guy
*removed* links to a trojan
things make me to belive it is real
1st it has a cursor in the screen and the quality of the video is awesome so that means it isn't a camera
2nd it is a bit kinda laggy wich means playstaion 3 isnt laggy
so why it lags
3rdit says www, means it's recording software isnt paid and it is a demo or something like it
Things make me belive it is fake
It is running to fast to be true!
i mean for god shake the pcsx2 that it is the best of its kind is laggy!
how the $%^%$%^ this emulator is running even ore than normal

I know that a ps3 emulator would be too slow becoue of super extra hight requisments........ i mean a ps3 emulator should be developed during 2015-20 becouse then the computers may be powerfull enought
to run it at half speed Smile

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let's see... cell processor is 6 cores, completely custom. nothing is going to emulate that for MANY MANY years to come. (I doubt I'll live to see the day)
We try to keep a certain level of quality on this forum.
Guessing and doubting if a video of a *PS3 emulator* is "real" or not is below that level.

This isn't youtube.

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