pscx2 & windows 7 starter pb !!
i was runing pscx2 0.9.6 in my desktop compter just fine !
and i buy an laptop compaq 610 (core 2 due 2.0 ,2 gb ram,GMA 4500 386 mb)
but the pb is when the program start i cant play any game (after i chose run only the console is showing & the game dos not run at all !)
even when i tried to run the bios !!
i tried to "run as administrateur",compatiple for windows xp sp3 (the OS that i used in my desktop compter),add exclus in windows defender but nothing !!
i use the gsdx 1.7 vedio plugin & my cpu support intil ssse3 !
please help Sad!!

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Integrated GPU's are problematic and not recommendable for Pcsx2.

What game are you trying to play? and make some screenshots of your settings.
i am traying to play naruto ultimate ninja 3
the pb is when i press "excute" in run menu,nothing happen the emulator freeze,
the bios dos not run (it's run normally in my desktop compter) so i cant run any game.
the console shows that load uo the bios 2.20,the frame lime is 59.94 & then freeze !!
i use default setting in the emulator (which was working in the other compter)
i think that the pb is windows 7 starter !
i update the direct x & i have vcredist x86 v 2005 & v2008 installed !!
is there any thing else i must install it in windows 7 to make it work or just i must use a specifique vedio plugin to my laptop?
i just dont get it !!
as fezzer said your video card is too weak for should plan 1st before you bought a new laptop.
you did got a nice CPU but NOT a dedicated video card like GF 3xx or 4xx? or Raedeon mobility HD 4xxx or 5xxx
and i do think Win7 starter does not make any desire effect on pcsx2.
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So,the pb is here !
thanx dude u really saved me the time to look for the pb!!
but what bother me,why the bios is not load up ? it is some thing that would not need that much graphique !?
even so in old compters it's run (u can see the plugin window)with a black screen or erreurs in the console but in my case the vedio plugin does not load at all, i see only the console window & then freeze !
a some thing to add !!
this time i wait a bit longuer after the freeze & a window appers:
"Failed adding SE_LOCK_MEMORY privilege, please check the local policy.
Go to security settings->Local Policies->User Rights. There should be a "Lock pages in memory".
Add your user to that and log off/on. This enables pcsx2 to run at real-time by allocating physical memory.
Also can try Control Panel->Local Security Policy->... (this does not work on Windows XP Home)

i think that is the pb,i look in my control pannel but i cant find "local policies" in any where (plus my OS is a french edition)

please help me to solve this thing !
Make sure Pcsx2 is installed C:/Pcsx2

Then right click folder, properties, security, set full control to all users. Then when you open pcsx2 run as administrator then you've completed dictated that you are the god of your computer and should do what you tell it Tongue.

If that dosen't work then may be something else.
i tried this !!
i found 4 user & i give the the write & total control rights (that was uncheked) but still the same !!
any way thanx for ur time !!
Don't use Direct3D Hardware, use Direct3D Software instead.
Okay, please stop using that outdated PCSX2 version first.
Get the latest 0.9.7 beta (PCSX2 0.9.7 beta Full installer) from here:

Once you have set it up as best as you can, and you still get problems, please
post screenshots of what it says here.

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