... uhm.. hi it's me again.. asking for help.. this is not that much important..or a big problem..

i just wanna ask.. how can i set up my pcsx2 to the thing that.. even if u press "ESC" in game.. it will not close the program.. like this

i mean example..:
playing ffx.. and i accidentaly. press the "ESC"
and the whole program is has been close... unlike the other's ive watch their video on youtube... when they press "ESC" they pcsx2 program is still there..
it's still runing not program closed..


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Uncheck the Close on Esc option in Misc
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Disable "misc > Close GS Window Esc" if I understood you correctly, there's another "ESC to exit PCSX2" option in the Speedhacks tab also.
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thanks thanks.. many thanks Laugh

im near..ending on FFX.. and i suddenly press the "ESC" and BOOM!.. i didn't even save yet xD

actually.. im trying to use the codebreaker.. Laugh

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