question about Fatal Frame 2 and 3
When I load these 2 games, all I get this:

[Image: 30796893.jpg]

What does this mean? they are NTSC cds.


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if they are NTSC and you are in Germany, you are probably using a PAL bios, so you will need to use the Fast Boot option rather than Full Boot
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you're using original discs? copies? isos?

edit: so fast boot bypasses the regioncode? lol, interesting, i always use fast boot, so i never had this problem before.
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we use the fast mode to not waste the time seeing the 3 spirit RGB from moving Laugh...
Dream use a usa bios.. and make sure if ur using iso use linuz if cd well its there cdvdgigahertz.. and on the main windows of pcsx2 choose if u want to run the iso directly or if u want to use the plugin..
got it working at a solid 60 fps without hacks. thanks refraction!
nice its working.. end of discussion Smile
okay, i have a minor question about fatal frame 3 now.

it says, "cannot find game data on memory card (8mb) (for Playstation 2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1"

then no options and nothing happens when I press any of the buttons.
okay, i have figured it out.

must use lilypad instead.

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