question about animation
First, I want thank all you guys for hard work that I can now almost completely play FF X/X-2 on computer without my ps2 around...

My question is, now I can play most part of x-2 perfectly with 60 fps most of time
[Image: 2081777740105755216S600x600Q85.jpg]

but when it comes to animation (when yuna sing)
the graphic become like this, and only 49 fps
[Image: 2945704560105755216S600x600Q85.jpg]

Is there anyway to improve the speed/graphic?
btw I have the latest beta-1888/plugin.


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Use a (software) renderer in GSdx for the FMVs to look better (can switch to it while playing by pressing F9), for the speed in the FMV all you can do is overclock your processor.
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so nothing can be done in the configuration in pcsx2? also which software renderer?
Any of the software renders, they basically work the same.

That is currently the only solution to this problem. It will likely be fixed eventually, till then you'll just have to suck it up.
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