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question about hack mutation
someone knows where I can download music harald's theme? (music with piano)

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you could probably rip it with ps2 multiplex. I don't have the disc handy, but if there are . XA files you should be able to convert them easy enough
how to make exactly?
pull the xa file from the disc, then find psplayer (should do it, I use it to PLAY .xa files) and convert or save as wav
I inserted the disc into my pc, I did not find any files with the extension. xa in all 3 disks ie: hack infection, hack mutation, hack outbreak
what file ententions are there? you're probably best ripping it THOUGH gameplay (cause you can record sounds with pcsx2)
to use pcsx2 not know, I tried to consult a guide, but I understand there a lot, however I tried to insert the dvd of the game on a file and do "Run CD / DVD", but I said: (The specified filewas Bios not found . A is required for bios pcsx2 to run. File not found filename: Bios)

as in 3 discs, I found files with the extensions:. IRX. PRG,. PSS, Virtual CloneDrive, and other files on the disc hack mutation with a .02F, .02G, .021, .025, .67 (in the other discs, there are numbers different)
do you even own a PS2? and have you read how to rip your bios?
yes, I have a ps2, but how do I read the bios

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