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question about setting analog
It's not my post. Tongue

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ok so I set the analog sticks. They only work in game sometimes lol
This is not my place because I have no idea what options you have with that software. But, you should try opening up your task manager and give high priority to the controller driver software. Let me know how you go..
If you're using a PS3 controller, your best bet is the following:

Download and install the MotioninJoy drivers from Run the installer, and then launch the DS3 tool.

Load the drivers, and then tick the radio button to emulate an XBOX360 controller. Hit options just to the right of that, then click "enable" then "reload" and then "enable" again. Click vibration test, it should all be working again. Now launch PCSX2 and configure your gamepad.

Emulating the 360 controller seems a bit backward what for PS2 emulation, but has worked for me in every windows game and emulator I've used, as the 360 driver is native to Windows Vista and 7, and is officially supported for XP as well.

Edit - also be sure that you always launch the DS3 tool and have your controller connected before launching any game or emulator. It won't work if you start the DS3 tool after the application is launched.
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