question about windows task sheduling
well. I know it's given that pcsx2 does by default only use 2 main threads. but that windows task sheduling capabilities bug me alot. running pcsx2 dedicaded to 2 cores is basic, but using all cores windows itself shedules the same (serial and intended to run as one thread) code onto several cores using it's own more than 2 threads and still not doing more.

question to the specliazed pcsx2 developers. isn't there anything you could change in the code to make use of that or do something similar as task sheduling to speed up execution on lower clocked more-cores?

calculating executed clock cycles for timing smaller tasks shouldn't be that hard. -.-

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task scheduling is an operation handled by the Kernel and introduces some performance issues on applications that rely on core timing to a high degree (hence the turbo problem on i5/i3's.)

Multicore threading optimisations are as efficient as they will get for the time being.

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