quick guide for cheat engine to use with pcsx2
hi i wouldlike to share a little of information about ce it´s really useful to do things......well you know.....
first i you whant you can open the subject in means the ce .exe at the position on or execute open .
we check in the little monitor like the old fashion way and we select a process to open and what we gonna open .........
about the cuestion its pretty clear where we are of course my friend "pcsx2.exe"
once opened and processing we are ready to go and it a good oportunity to do this    PS Start       well since was no so simple at it apears.
we start:
put your cd original wel its like i do or your file iso ....
ingame ? ok
we start to do some quick tutorial if you are interested you can learn too!!
find something:
add a pointer:
jump a bit ---:
open the autoasembler and work a bit with.
end and the credits of the film etc....
[vissit me or something +webpage]
we settup a little our ce like main search up remember the monitor little up .
settings,you can put at your choice but put almost these ,debugg options,veh on k? it´s for improving our scans and find better.
once done you can start for example for vit or money or unknown this one is up the 4bytes option ,
at you can see you can scan double , float ,array,8bytes,4bytes,2bytes,byte,string,and binary.
ascending, descending etc......
once you know how and wath you start scanning.
if you have the adress,you can put it down by pressing arrow red down.
now we have one adress with that i theach you the pointer.
but first search the executable in this case cdvdgigaherz.dll or your command .exe or iso (not to experience with iso files) sorry
but it´s the same find it and attached down too.
once you have all that we scan for pointers for the adress you whant .
right button mouse select scan for pointers and set max level to level 4 better and go on .....
now you find a file you save and you have the "offsets of the game" cool right .
saveit and if one offset add by double click in it , if a lot of offsets open memory wiew and look your adress the numbers and take some variations -.
example f0 or maybe 0f in the memory view double click on the pointer scan results .
they add automaticly to the table main of ce down the two adressese.
once you finished.congrats you know how to get offsets or not ?
well if no offsets that means is tatick adresss and always it will be in the same place in the game
the ones with offsets change every time you boot your game .it for that the neccesitty of offsets .and pinters to control them
basicalily the offsets + in the case you have more than one + the adresss you find.
its up in too in memory wieverin tools the autoassembler you double click it please.
now a window emerge like maginz z yes it´s our autoassembler ready to writhe this:take your time:



add label eip,"cdvdgigaherz.dll"+634:
mov [eax+00000004],#13
jc 200002A0
add [eax+00000004],#13

//this is allocated memory, you have read,write,execute access
//place your code here


jmp returnhere

jmp stats


//blank space a//enable y disable con comillas lo auto aplica

dealloc(stats)  // remove the title tenkaichi code//Alt: db 00 00 00 00 00
add label eip,"cdvdgigaherz.dll"+634:
mov [eax+00000004],#13
jc 200002A0
add [eax+00000004],#13

this is the stuff im working withit no errors but this is an item moddifier for well you have already see it right yes for this game .
lets take some revision :
we have a pointer or more and we use

add label eip,"cdvdgigaherz.dll"+634:
this is the instrucction to get your pointer from the table -----main
as you can see we jump to another address with empty memory to put the pointer and add the item mod (im workin it´s till not ready k?nohelp)
and we return
check the help tutorial in ce it´s a must use tool .

and well the film its near to finish .......
hope it helps really hope .......
and Best regards
if "day" have a pretty wonderfull day !!
if "night" like here have a beauty night !!
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some photos
for easy a little .........
if i can do it....

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i7 3ghz , 16gb, Nvidia gtx 950,Windows 8.1 . 5maestro
.. I've tried to make sense of what you were writing here, but I still can't make sense of what you were trying to do in Cheat Engine.
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hi it´s just a tutorial the effects of the item i´m still working on it beacouse seems is hiden someow the hability +4 stats to all parameters
for now this example do nothing i thing but it serves well for explainig the basics of making a pointer and autoassembler edit quick guide also shows some interesting things its for that i put it just for help others a bit ...
thank for your time Ryudo and hope i explained easy some dificult steps to do ....
best luck and have a nice day
also check:
for more details..
i7 3ghz , 16gb, Nvidia gtx 950,Windows 8.1 . 5maestro

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