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r1638+ massive log with "MFIFO mode! = Chain!"....

Message log have massive "MFIFO mode != Chain! 14d"

Line 2607: has report this message

I have test FFX-Int, FFX-2-Int, FF12-ZJS
only FF12-ZJS has MFIFO message,
others not.

Is something wrong with VifDMA.cpp not compatible with FF12-ZJS??


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We do not give support for SVN builds. It's pretty normal to get all kinds of funky errors/log messages when you use the latest svn revisions.
Use the latest released beta or the latest release to get support.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The message was set up with an incorrect test before, and now that I set it up properly, detects that the final fantasy XII opening is done in some wacky undocumented mode.

I just changed the test and message to ignore FFXII's hijinks.

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