r3878 in-game font problem
I have recently started playing on r3878 as it works better in fact than some 0.9.6 betas but here is my problem:


Next to almost every letter (white and grey ones) there is a small glitch. Doesn' t really make playing worse but bothers me a little. What causes such thing?

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What are your GSdx settings?
I can't really see the problem but I know what you are talking about...this kind of problems are caused by using 8bit texture or/and custom internal resolution.

Try first disabling 8bit texture and it you don't see a difference(I kinda doubt it)try with native resolution or use scaling instead of custom internal resolution
Disable logarithmic z you really don't need it it could slow you down. Just a suggestion Tongue Nothig to do with problem.
Log Z fixes various problems in many games, so suggesting he doesn't need it is not such a good advice. Except if you know for a fact it is not needed for that particular game but even then at least mention it is required for many other games.
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Ok I will mess with options later to try and solve this problem, but I would like to know if there is anything I could do to make my emulator run even faster. Here are my settings:


I hope I didn' t forget anything. Ps. There are no CPU/Processor settings in 0.9.7 right?
There isn't anything else you can enable for speed...basically all of your settings are set to get as much speed as possible but at the same time,to have problems like those are more frequent crashes.
Use scaling in GSDX rather than the custom resolution, the issue is to do with the upscaling. You may find playing around with the resolution you choose will effect it differently.
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