r4600 Arc the Lad images are grey.
Ok I've Tried everything in my knowledge, I have browsed this forum for months but never registered..

What I mean is I'm pretty familiar with how this stuff works. Ok so i had an issue with ffx until i downloaed r4600 and viola it was beautiful.. i have played over 7 games on it and i was highly impressed! Well then came the urge to play Arc the Lad... at first the video played fine, but when it came to in game alot of the buildings and characters were grey.. when you go to fight scene its gone but in general walk around seen here any ideas?

my specs..

ATI Radeon x1650 pro 512mb ddr2 which i know can barely run pcxs2 as it is but it has been gett the job done

Windows xp Sp3

I checked capability it says playable...

as listed 3.5 g Ram

and amd athlon x62 dual core 4200+ 2.2 ghz oc'd to 2.4

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i presume you are using the directx 9 renderer in gsdx? if that isnt helping, you will need to use "software mode"

unfortunate as a side effect, due to the age of your hardware, its gonna be really slow.
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gsdx sse2 4600 is the plugin im using and the software option isnt available on 0.9.8 as far as i can see...
(09-28-2011, 09:54 PM)tru209 Wrote: gsdx sse2 4600 is the plugin im using and the software option isnt available on 0.9.8 as far as i can see...

Open the gsdx plugin menu and select Dx9 software mode instead of hardware....nd software mode has always been there frm the start...even a sdl mode has been added in r4600 bt i dnt knw wats it for
Well i achieved that! but it slows the fps from 59-60 fps to a whoppin 16-25 fps
you could change the number of render threads to 2 or 3, that might help, but its still gonna be slower im afraid.

failing that, read the guide on how to enable the gsdx hacks section and try different skipdraw settings, im sure one fixes it.
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well I'm going to attempt to try the renderers, but it seem the speed hacks have no effect once on software, could you link me to the guide?
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Try updating your graphics driver and/ DX 9 runtime.
The bug is known for the hardware renderer. I've had it hacked once even Tongue2
Anyway, try ZeroGS or ZZOgl. Those don't have that glitch.

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