ratchet and clank playable
I've finished playing through ratchet and clank one,two and three on the 0.9.7 release.they are fully playable,I dont know how or if i can update the compatibilty list.Some help would be appreciated.

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Are they playable without any visual glitches ? (i.e. messed up textures)
And you did not notice the massive graphic corruption? Tongue2
Lol rama,yeah there is alot of corruption,and i didnt get the greatest frame rate but they work.
Yes,that's why its compatibility is "Ingame"
"Playable" means you're playing the game as if you were playing it on your own PS2. (Regardless of the speed)
"Ingame" means that you can also play the game,but either it crashes at some point,or it's not as playable as it's supposed to be.
Just so we're clear,even though the game is 100% completable ,
its still ingame?Oh and thanks the replys guys.

I'm sorry i guess i was confused Tongue2
Well, it's a corner case, like so many. I'd classify this as ingame, as the bugs are disturbing and we have no inclination yet how to fix it.
(We do know what's up. It's the game doing some sort of active mip mapping, which no GS plugin supports, 'cause emulating it sucks.)
thanks rama ;D
It actually shows ALL the textures 100% correctly,but only when you're very close to them.
And,in the Jak series(Which is a Naughty Dog game as well) his skin textures show in a certain place
of the map 100% correctly,but in the other places it gives weird colors.
I just am curious about this case,could you explain it to me?

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