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Hello, I have a question I didn't receive clear answer for.
I searched on google and on forums, but I still can't find solution - or maybe I do something wrong... so I'll write in detail what I'm up to.

I was playing for a long time on a PS2, legal version of Okami, but then I lost it and so, I used swap magic and played it. But recently, swap magic got really scrathed and I am rarely able to play. So i thought of playing on pcsx2. But then i realised I'd really like to play on my savegames. So I copied all of them from PS2 with use of external flash drive and uLaunchElf as seperate folders (not PSU). I can convert them to whatever format I want and I seem to be unable to understand how basic things like mymc and savebuilders work... there are few problems I've had.

1. Why can't I import more than 1 save to mymc (it says 'save file already present' - i get it that it is, but I want more than just one)

2. Okami ran on pcsx2 smoothly but It didn't even see the save (the only one... and I did format of memory cards properly, through the bios) also there is no directory - it just says NO_ROOT_NAME )

3. Is there really need to convert those save files two times rather than just copy straight those directories?

anyway that's what I arrived at. sorry to ask the same question over and over again, but solutions in other topics didn't prove useful to me.

PS. Ok, In the end I am also able to copy with psuPaste and mcPaste. So I have all the files - in psu. mc, and as raw files. what should I do now?

sorry, my mistake, should have used psu files in the first place. Topic to delete, my deepest apologies.

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When you backup your saves with uLaunchELF,ALWAYS export them as psu(some saves losses important data if you export them as folders(copy=>paste))

1.mymc will say that if the save you are trying to put in that card already exist or one of the multiple save that you try to import have the same root/id(either because the game uses only one root/id name for all of hist saves(there are files inside the folder that represent the different save slots)or because the game uses different root/id name for every save slot(a whole new save)and one of your saves have the exact same name)
Mymc can't overwrite saves and that's why an error message appear.

2.That's because you didn't correctly create the save(if you export the save as psu,that problem wont appear).If you export a save like folder,to correctly create a working save,when you open PS2 Save Builder,you have to put all of the files from the save folder into PS2 Save Builder and for Root/ID you must put the folder name

3.Like I said,just export your saves as psu and then mymc will import them without problems

Edit:I didn't read your last message
thanks, but i solved it all, as it was matter of exporting in psu. Anyway, thanks for your great effort, I'm sorry to have wasted your time!

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