re: hi again
i was just looking for some help in this situation...but it really seems i cannot get any, im sorry about the warez. but please help, if you have any questions ill be happy to answer

also sorry if it was seeming i was flamming, i wasnt i was just trying to understand

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I loved how you talked about Xbox emulators. Wanna name one that actually works? Furthermore, rama is a developer of pcsx2, he knows full well what he's talking about. Don't think you're gong to come in here and tell all of us what you think you know, we all already know everything there is to know

look here: this is BARE MINIMUM for pcsx2 to run properly. I would know, I Am the one who writes these things for people:

note, Crysis is THE benchmark people use for PC gaming. and it BARELY covers PCSX2.

You shouldn't expect any more help in this forums after admitted piracy.
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