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hey guys. was wondering how i might record not just video of the game but also my mic. i was using fraps to record lots of other games such as skyrim pokemon darksouls 2, never had a problem with it before then i went to make a video of dot hack on the pcsx2 and my computer was like whoa whoa no...slowed down to almost a halt. i of course did some research and found out that the pcsx2 has an inbuilt recording software already inside it so i tried to use that but it would only record the video and the music but wont pic up my mic. i went back to using fraps and tried to lower the pcsx2's video plugin to the lowest possible resolution but that did nothing.

my computer specs are as follows 8 gb ram intel quad core 3.40gz 64 bit windows 7 with a nvidia geforce graphics card and 200 gigs of free space on a 500 gig hard drive
i am aware that they make video capture cards but am unable to purchase one at the moment, if theres any tips for speeding up fraps, or other programs i should try, please dont hesitate to recommend them. also when i tried to play dot hack on the newest version of pcsx2 it crashed on the new game screen i had to go back to 9.7...i found that odd enuf to worth mentioning seeing as thats the game on the pcsx2 i wanted to record

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Fraps makes use of your CPU, so it will kill the performance of PCSX2 big time.

Use programs like Bandicam for example, which makes use of your GPU instead to record games.
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that indeed worked. unfortunately it is not free. you get 10 minutes per video, with no warning shutdown. but as far as fraps goes this took my recording to a whole new level. i like it Smile may as well see what the payment plan is like
I think it's possible to have OBS use your GPU instead of your CPU to record games and I know OBS is completely free.
(11-21-2015, 10:29 AM)AlphaKennyWhere Wrote: I think it's possible to have OBS use your GPU instead of your CPU to record games and I know OBS is completely free.

It's a bit more complicated since it's also used for streaming, but yeah, OBS works fine for PCSX2
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im trying obs, but it wont record the picture. ive watched about an hours worth of videos on how to make it work but its just not working....any tips on how to make it work? not paying sounds appealing
I just right click an empty space in the Sources box > add > window capture. Pick the window you want to record. I've never used it to record anything but when I use it to stream I have to make sure the window is the right size before i start streaming so I always have to maximize the PCSX2 window before I swap to OBS to tell it to start streaming.
You can use OBS or NVIDA Shadow Play.

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