rectnly changed to vista -> not enough physical memory??
so i changed to windows vista yesterday, first ran into the problem where i needed to run the emu as an admin to allocate the memory, so thats what i did, but now its saying i dont have enough memory left to run it, theres still 1 Gb (and a little bit more) remaining, isnt that enough?

also, in the past there were always two exe files, a tlb build and the regular, but some time ago a third one was added, with an r in the name, whats that one for?

and if my memory is a little short on space after all, and i chose to run the tlb build, how much performance would i lose?

im running (or trying to run) build 451 now.

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Just reboot your system and done. Also if you are using kaspersky antivirus, try uninstalling the antivirus, Kaspersky doesn't like pcsx2 >_<
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I have Kaspersky 2009 , and no problems.
Start PCSX2 right away when Windows fully booted. This will reserve enough memory for the emulator. I do this, and the memory allocation issue goes away for that session.
Vista loads libraries at random locations to make hacking the system harder. Sometimes this blocks the address range the VM version needs.
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yeah i got it to work, thanks.

any info on te difference between the regular named exe and the one with the r in the name?

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