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redlof's Guide to Convert Codetwink Cheats to PNACH Files! for newbs.
Wrong place, should post it in here:
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SO uhm.. my problem is.. I dont know how to save a .txt file into a .pnach file..
Do i just rename the .txt file into example : 12233.pnach ? cuz when i go to file>save as
the only option i have to save it as is a .txt file..
Im really sorry for my retardedness or if this has problem has already been adressed

PS: I'm using windows 7 64-bit
man, save as .txt and afterward rename it to .pnach, is simple (just make sure the extension is not hidden on Windows Explorer"
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Oh.. so it still works even though its type says .txt file? the type doesnt have to be .pnach?
really sorry very new to all this T_T
no, you must replace .txt by .pnach
Imagination is where we are truly real
Well, what i did now is there was already a .pnach type of file in my cheats folder of beta 0.9.7 pcsx2
so i just renamed that to the my 045D77E9.pnach , right clicked it, and open with wordpad.
then i just edited it all out to this

gametitle=Tales of the Abyss [SLUS_213.86] (USA) [045D77E9]
comment=master code
comment=max gald
comment=max grade
comment=max red sage

I haven't tested it yet though. and I do have enable cheats checked.
and i read on a seperate thread i think you made, that
you really dont have to convert the raw code into a decrypted code if you just use extended?
so basically just use extended for everything without having the hassle of decrypting?

I really do appreciate your fast replies, thank you.
hi all
i really need ur help

in FFXII SLUS 20963
all the cheats are working
but for some reason
when i enter max LP cheat the game is crash

this is my pnach

gametitle=Final Fantasy XII (NTSC-U) [SLUS-20963]

//Max Gils

//Quick Action

//Vaan stats

//Max Exp

//Max LP Gained (After Battle)

plis help X.X
Are you sure those are "word"?

Codes beginning with 0 should be byte, codes beginning with 1 should be "short" and codes beginning with 2 should be "word"... but...

If using the above tokens you MUST replace that byte on the original by 0 or 2, so those codes you show should not crash the emulator except if that last one is filling with zeros something it shouldn't ...

Any other initial digit MUST be used with "extended"

Still you could just use "extended" to all those codes... just make sure no changes are done in the original code (other can converting them to raw, of course).

Notice than just for doing so (using extended, I mean), the last codes will automatically be used as "byte" what may be the correct length.
I suggest you review all those codes against the original and do not change the first digit in address, use "extended" for all.
Imagination is where we are truly real
I have a problem disabling this cheat for FFXII that I inserted into my pnach file >_<

//Vaan quick exp

//Char2 Quick EXP

//Char 3 Quick EXP

//Char 4 Quick EXp

//Char 5 Quick EXP

//Char 6 Quick EXP

//Char 7 Quick EXP

//Char 8 QUick EXP

//CHar 9 Quick EXP

These are the cheats. I added the //s, tried disabling patches and cheats in the pcsx2 menu, and even removed the entire pnach file from the cheats folder but my characters are still getting the extra exp boost. How do I stop that?
Again, those are almost certainly "short"; using "word" is inserting all those zeroes in adjacent area.

Understand this is very important, those tokens dictate the "length" of the operand to be pushed into memory.

Better is using "extended" all the time and DON'T changing the first digit in the original raw code address anymore.

PS: For the clearness sake, the above codes should be either:




Notice the 1 in the address which tells to "extended" the code has a "short" operand. It must be kept so when using "extended", it must be changed to 0 if using explicit "short".

original codes address first digit being:

0 -> operand is byte
1 -> operand is short
2 -> operand is word

anything above this must use extended and hope the code works (although 0, 1 and 2 can be used with extended too, of course).
Imagination is where we are truly real

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