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redlof's Guide to Convert Codetwink Cheats to PNACH Files! for newbs.
By default pnach isn't associated with any program so when you change the extension,the file icon will be changed to unknown file but that doesn't mean the file is not usable anymore

Start the game with "Enable Cheats" option enabled and once you see something from the game,close the game window(not the main window with the menus)and look in the console for "Overal cheats loaded".
Somewhere around there,pcsx2 will thell you from where it tries to load the file and if it is loaded(if it's not loaded,it usually means you place the file in the wrong place or the file extension is pnach.txt or the cheats are in unusable way)

You can post your file here

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For those that want a simple and easy way to create .pnach Files, go to , use the PCSX2CE Program, and the Game you are wanting to use, use the Decrypted Codes for CodeBreaker 7+ . Should work with no Issues.......depending on the PCSX2 Version. Base 1.4.0 might have Issues. Preferably, use the recent 1.5.0 Builds. Also, be sure to test out different Versions if the Codes either dont work at all, Freeze the Emu, or crash it. Found that out with GTA-VC . Was testing them on 3.00/1.3 Release, when the Codes only work on 1.40/1.0 Version.

Also, the Codes on CodeTwink dont seem to work for some reason. I tried them out on GTA-VC on the 3.00 Version (1.2), but nothing happened. I even tried using the Codes present in the CodeBreaker 10 Media. Nothing for some reason.

Only thing is, when you run PCSX2, be sure to run as Admin, and also Enable the option to "Show Console" (Misc Tab, make sure it has a check mark by it). Load your Game, do the Quick Boot, and let it run. Go to the Console for your CRC Version. Will have to go up on the Listings to find it. If you Enabled Cheats, it will try to Load the .pnach File regardless if it is there or not.

But has anyone even found Cheats that work for GTA-VC 3.00/1.2 ?

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