reduce EE load?
Any tips on how to reduce processor load? I tried slowing down EE, which helped nill, clamping mods doesn't seem to do anything either. I'm trying to max out FPS on .hack well over 60. right no I have a sable 200ish, trying to get a little more if at all possible (it's an ingame time thing, it's not about playing it that fast, though playing at 80-120 fps is nice Smile )
GPU is handling fine, under 30%

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Hmm tried to lower the fps limit?? so let's say instead of 100% u put it at 55%?

At this screen in 0.9.7:

[Image: x57ad5.jpg]

I think u should be able to limit the fps There Smile
Speedhacks are an option, as are the "none" clamping modes.
There's nothing else you can do to reduce the load. It is work that has to be done.
I've done that already, didn't produce much in the way of results. thanks for the reply rama.

@striFe79: I've maxed out the speed hacks as much as possible for this already. it still weighs on the CPU while my GPU is easily handling it. and at over 200fps as well. it's sufficient for me just means I get done 4 times as fast, instead of faster, but 4x is a considerable number as well.

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