regarding FF12 and a small issue
hello there, not sure whether this haas been covered but here goes.

it seems like no matter what settings ive tried, during playing when i go into areas that require a graphical effect such as the sparks from attacking an enemy with a sword, to casting spells, the game seems to lag so to speak, it jumps for a split second freezing the game in that time.

ive tried setting everything to default and changing gsdx but no luck, so was wondering if theres a cause for it? thanks

CPU: intel q6600 @ 3ghz
GPU: 8800GTX
RAM: 3gb @ 1066mhz fsb (same as cpu)
HDD: Samsung 500gb
Sound: SB X-Fi Fatality Gamer

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yeah i have the same thing itso so annoying....tried changing my config nothing helps
Are you playing from a DVD? If yes, make an ISO and play from it.

DVDs play slower because the DVD drives have to spin up in order to load. And every effect, music change etc reads from the DVD.

If no, well sorry Smile
Intel Core i7 @ 2.66 Ghz ~ 6 GB DDR3 Tri-Channel ~ 512 MB Radeon 4850 ~ 500 Gb HDD/160 GB HDD/80 GB HDD ~ 24" LCD
nope im playing from an iso. ive also tried making a new iso (disk isnt scratched, barely played it when i first got it) and ive even tried different versions of pcsx2 from the 0.9.6 release and beta releases and theres no difference.
can you post your setting for gsdx? (please no pictures I can't open pictures here) and maybe I'll be able to help you with that issue, I don't have it.
yup im using the latest .14 gsdx release, 1420/1420 internal res, no interlacing, no vsync, and dx10 hardware
try greying out texture filtering and nloop hack (hit it twice and it turns grey) aslo try changing the aspect ratio to stretch, see if that helps any.
ive just tried, still the same Sad
what sound plugin you using?
ive tried spu-x 1.1 release and beta, peops, and zerospu 0.44 and 0.46

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