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(request) Rule of Rose model
Could someone can rip the model from rule of rose game?

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Wow you're a ripper. Is it for Xnalara or MMD?
for mmd
(04-25-2015, 06:19 PM)pakawat1999 Wrote: for mmd

Uhh..You're gonna wanna use XNAlara first or you'll end up using something hard like Blander from scratch. You're also gonna need blender to do the import export process which is really the shortest step It literally takes like 2 minutes and less. Do XnaLara to MMD to make sure the model comes in right. You can also do 3DMax to MMD but i think thats a bit harder.I would ask around the community on Deviant Art for tips from the pros since i am only a Boner and minnor facialist.
thank you
Could someone can rip character model from that game with pcsx 3d screenshot in obj file?
3 character are wendy diana and meg
Could someone have that game?
Could someone rig 3 models for me?

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