request for a ffx save
hello, im having a prblm runnin ffx on pcsx2 on my mac, it keeps crashing during the first movie and i think its called the 'auron look' glitch. is there anyone who has this game working properly and can play the game up to the first save point and post a save file here, or can just get through the first movie and post a freeze save state please? :) iv looked around for other game saves but they are all too far into the game and have cheats altered them, i would just like to play the game the whole way through without anything altered. if anyone could post something like that here that would be awesome, thank you

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AFAIK, it's been solved in the latest public beta (r1888)
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Yeah works fine in r1888 and above.
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(03-17-2010, 08:36 AM)jesalvein Wrote: AFAIK, it's been solved in the latest public beta (r1888)

this probably sounds really stupid but where can i download this for mac because i saw the 0.9.7 but its .exe file and i cant open it. and im having the same problem with the crashing after first blitzball CS.
Hej vonofthedawn

0.9.7 isn't out yet for mac... the release is set around 30 April , the people above seem to be talking about the windows version , you can run it on your mac via bootcamp ;p I asked for a memcard/davestate in the forums , -off topic , request memcard...-
Greetz !

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