resident evil4 last iup video freezes the game
hi i need help i can´t finish resident e4 because the last video freezes the emu...the emu stays reading a lines but the iup is freezes just before the rocket push the monster(last boss)wesker somethin g like that...i use this configurations: no dualcore, no sound, gsdx software mode, all hcks enables and disables and other revisions like 791 but doesn´t works ...what can i do ?

note: i kill the monster with a knife and there are a other video but freezes too but i ca get the key...the weird problem is because when i use the eevator when is loading sent me this error below in the pic that i have attachment...
please give me a hand

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can some dev help me with support?
Did you try disabling speedhacks?
is not a problem hack or configuration is like a exeption with frames code or iup well i post the pic of the visual debug please pcsx2 please refraction give me a litle hand. thanks

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Well if you say so.
some dev can help me please?...i wish too much finish this game please
We do not take requests. Wait till it's fixed.
Krakatos ,, friend excuse me hav you a intructions for make fixes in pcsx2 ?? i want to learn please, thanks ...i ork with vc2005
Go hack up ipu.cpp, that's the best advice I can give you.
"Make fixes in pcsx2" is not simple, and even if you're a great coder it doesn't mean you can do it.

If you want to learn, start by googling ps2 manuals, read up on IPU.
It takes about a year until you know enough to understand (thus *maybe*) fix the thing.
Really, you should try disabling speed hacks if you have them enabled. They can really screen with the graphics in odd situations, and cause PCSX2 to crash. Also, if that doesn't work. Try running the newest beta, and see if you get any results.

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