hi again
kind of another noob question sorry Sad
i cant seem to change the resolution on ANY of the games im playing.
im always getting 512x488 or something like that, i can set the window bigger but does not change the game windows, if you know what i mean.
i have tried changing the aspect ratio,d3d,an of course resolution, but nothing seems to work, oh also tried "native" aswell.
i am using GSDX 2693, and also tried using zerogs but with the same outcome.
is this the res i HAVE to play on?
any help would be awsome thanks Smile

p.s. i looked through the configuration sticky posts aswell Smile

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Welcome to high-definition =]
The difference will be like orgasm in your eyes.

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yea i dont have dx11 only 10
and yea i tried putting the res up to that and it didnt change anything.
my computer screen is a 32" LCD samsung full hd if that helps????
changing up to 1920x1080 just slowed me down with no real picture size increase.....i dunno i might just being too fussy...i should be thankful its running!!!

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DX10 should work just fine as well.

The internal resolution will only have an impact on 3D objects...
So if you were disappointed by 2D graphics of the menu and failed to proceed
into the game thinking it had no effect, try that now.

The status bar of the PCSX will display the native resolution of the game (eg. 512x488)
regardless of the GSdx internal setting.

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That is an information display only. It shows what the game's native resolution is.
That is showing the real game resolution,not the one you set.
You are not being fussy at all, and I think my last reply answers your question =]

Try starting a new game or load your save with your new GSdx settings!

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oh yea......your quite right it does! doh!
Also while i have everyones attention, does compressing .iso to .z make pcsx2 read the image faster?
Glad it's fixed, nice to see a Kiwi in the forum.

Last time I tried it the conversion through using the DVD Plugin was buggy
and when I actually got it done I could not see any improvement.

PCSX2 is first and foremost CPU dependant and now you've discovered GSdx internal reso.
it is also GPU dependant haha. Try lowering the resolution.

What spec does your system have?

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