(resolved) Widescreen patch not changing anything...
Hi all,

I downloaded PCSX2 earlier and got everything set up. I made an .iso out of my PAL UK FFX disc. I put a widescreen patch in the Cheats folder and according to the emulation log it detects it. But I still have two huge bars on either side of the screen so the game appears to be still running in 4:3. How do I fix this?

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Emulation Settings -> GS Window -> Aspect Ratio -> Change to 16:9.
Thanks so much! I have no idea how I didn't notice that. I've actually switched it from 16:9 to "Fit to Window/Screen" as I have a 16:10 monitor - the entire screen is full and FFX looks *amazing* at 4x scaling. What a treat this is. Smile
That'll slightly distort the picture though. There may be 16:10 patches available, however, or you could ask nicely in the widescreen patch thread if you don't know how to correct the patched values yourself.
I'm actually using a 16:10 patch already (made by Dlanor - respect!), so I don't get any image distortion from the "Fit to Window/Screen"; it's perfectly proportioned to the monitor. I'm loving PCSX2 so far. Cheers for the help!

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