rock band pcsx2
hello i play rock band perfect on pcsx2 0.9.6 just have a litle bug
when you play a song the video like very bad but the oter work perfect
well this is the config i use
resolution windowed
render:direct3d 10 hardware
shader pixel shader 3.0
interlacing none
aspect ratio 4:3
d3d internal res 1024 1024
cpu config:VU0Rec on
VU1rec on
EERec on
the game is fullly playabel never hangs

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I don't understand what the issue is that your having?
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when you play every song the video on where are the band looks very bad
read this thread and edit your post accordingly

also some screenshots would be handy.
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I have no idea what hes trying to say.
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i think that he have problem with background graphics.

any screenshot please!
YESSSSS the bkacground when you play a song will be very poor

and sorry for the bad english but i am not a english
ok well you failed to fill in the requirements i asked for, moving to the support section
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Hello, my son and are new to this emulator. We have had no trouble till he asked me to configure a guitar for rock band. Could someone please walk me through the procedure to make this hardware work. We are using a rock band 3 wireless guitar. When I test the hardware, the buttons show value. Then the game starts and it keeps telling us to connect a microphone ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Thomas @ Will
You can try configuring the controller in LilyPad controller plugin as a guitar (General tab > Pads > Pad1 > Change type from Dualshock2 to guitar) but I'm not sure if it works with rock band, does with guitar hero...
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