rogue galaxy ( a bug in the end of the game)
im just asking if there is any solution for this bug . I
know that svn builds are not stable ( i tried snv 2445-2495-2569)
well in the end of the game in a video an error message shows up
[img][Image: mini_100207043740316390.png][/img]
can some one please tell me if its a commin bug or its from the game iso ?

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as you say

Quote:know that svn builds are not stable

And they aren't supported either.

Try it with offical public beta
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the problem is that in the official public beta i cant even get to the 2nd layer thats why im playing on new builds
You can use the second layer by patching the iso with toxic dual layer patcher.
You can finish the game and do all the side quests with the 1888 beta.
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Game crashed at that exact same point on 1888 for me.

Had to youtube the ending but least it got me that far.

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