rounding and clamping accuracy
For the EE and VU rounding and clamping options, is one of them considered the most accurate.

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Generally the higher the clamping the more accurate, however it does break some games and it does slow things down. It's advised you keep them on "normal" unless you need the extra clamping to fix the graphics or make the game more stable.
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Each mode is for a different purpose. The whole thing comes from the weird way PS2 does floating point numbers. The defaults are generally the closest to what the PS2 does according to Rama but still slightly different which is why the other modes exist. There used to be a news post by Air or someone that explained this better but I can't find it.
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Quote:the weird way PS2 does floating point numbers
Not weird but not the current (x86, ARM...) standard.

The closest is likely double (the bottom one in the gui). But in reality it depends of the operation and the data value (small/big could behave differently). One day it will be very interesting to have a pure software implementation. It would be very slow but at least it could help to debug game.

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