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run a game>>> black window

i'm going to tell you my problem step by step so i hope you enjoy..a.a. i mean ((understand)):-Biggrin

first i lunch the pcsx2 as an admin..

then i chose run>>execute

(cuz when i chose file>> run CD\DVD it crashes down)

then when i chose the game it give's me this black window and nothing happensWacko

(first pic)

there is my configure

(scond pic)

pleas some on help me

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which game ?
could you show the console log ?
did you mount your iso in daemon tools in the same time ?
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With some versions of the PCSX2 I remember that I got a black screen for some sec to a min. But after that the game started normally. Leave the black screen for a while and see what happens.
Try the lastest plugins and the beta version, it's better than the 0.9.6.
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