running physical PS2 memory dump in emulator
Hi, I made a memory dump of a game on a physical PS2. I want to load it into PCSX2. I tried hexing over a savestate I made in the emulator, but it just made a black screen. Is doing this possible? Thanks.

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pcsx2 memcard <=> ps2 memcard


pcsx2 savestate <=> ps2 memcard?
It sounds like PS2 savestate (What was loaded in PS2 memory) => PCSX2 savestate

Edit: not sure how you would achieve such a task.
Pcsx2 savestate has imo nothing to do with the ps2. It is a fingerprint of the emulator including ram copy and probably some synchronization stuff. I don't think it will be easy to inject something but it will be highly probable nothing a ps2 could understand. Just my opinion so could be wrong here...
the memory dump the eepmemory are byte-identical.

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