save game required for GOD OF WAR 2
i require save that have cleared "steads of time" section in god of war 2. if any one have save file please send me or give me link or mail me. please guys post me yours answers about this. i really need that save file. thanksLaugh

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here is a link for god of war 2 saves
and how i can use this save file. the save file in .cbs format and i dont know how to put thses in memcards
ok here is the program + explain how to use it CoolBiggrin

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I need save too, at the Bog of Forgotten PAL. Because the game crashed, after the cutscene of the big face statue reflecting the beam to its eyes. If I load it back, it will take me ages to do it again, so please help me.
Help me people, really need save after the first cutscene in the Temple of Lahkesis where kratos appeares on the broken bridge. The game freezing at that place and any patch did not help.I have pal version of god of war 2 and the latest beta plugins
hey all , i also need save for bog of the forgoten after big face statue reflecting the beam to its eyes , cutscene freezes and if i skip it with patch i cant get control of kratos . pls help

THANX DARK KINGHappy..i also got the same problem.................and no video patch was working..but now it works........Happy
what do u mean , did u import already beaten game and skiped cutscene , or what Tongue ????

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