save state errors?
i found out with the latest beta(afaik) i'm having a hard time loading my save states properly. especially i play tactical games like SRWZ that totally uses 10 states.

so heres the scenario:

i play a mission.
i use 10 save states in order..

like this:
save state 0 - briefing room
save state 1 - beginning of stage
save state 2-9 - progress(depending on what situation the stage.)

i happen to restart pcsx2, want to load my previous state. likewise, state 4. i press f2 5 times... it loaded another state which comes from a very very previous stage, supposed to be from another state. i double checked it. and yes, it is kind of an error.

to be perfectly sure... it was, i turned on the console(i always play pcsx2 with no console). later i found out that the save state from the "tab" isn't in sync as the console says. when its save state 0 from the console, its save state 7 on the tab.

but heres my problem. i found out that when i press f2 or shift+f2, it jumps and skips other states.
like this for example: 0-1-2-3-7-8-9-0-1-5-6-7-8-9 etc etc.

any explanation for this? thx and good day.

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Are you using the same controller plugin from both controllers?
(09-22-2009, 08:11 PM)vsub Wrote: Are you using the same controller plugin from both controllers?

yeah. im using the latest lilypad beta
Try enabling "save state # in title" in Lilypad and run GSdx in window mode so you can see what state it selects in the window title, then try to reproduce if it skips them the same way as you say.
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