save state out of memory
When I try to save state, it gives the error out of memory, trying to allocate 4xxxxxx byte memory. How can I fix this? I am using the newest beta.

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use an older version i guess like r1888
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
But it was working for a while, is it maybe I was saving the save slot every 10 sec for 1 hour?
Or the latest SVN which has this bug fixed (don't ask where to get it, we don't support it). You must either compile it yourself or find it from a third-party.
And yes that's why. I really don't get why people do that are bound to mess it up that way (you could very easily accidentally save at a very bad time). A workaround is closing PCSX2 and reopening it when you get the message.
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I think I used to get this error when I abused the quick save (save state) /quick load (load state) option.
Simply don't quick save (save state) /quick load (load state) 50 times in 2 minutes, and when you get that error, just restart PCSX2 and you latest save state will be there.

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