savestate final fantasy 12
could you please post an ff 12 save i losse my own one i where about to kill the final boss

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You should really play the game dude. It's good.
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i already play and finish i were about to finish the game i just need a save game to finish some other quest
i found action replay save game but wiot all weapons all quest finished so if any of you could post is own save ...
Why don't you try on gamefaqs...?
i tried but they simply but savestate with all weapons all quest done iam just searching a common save like yours to continue side quest
Did you not save on the memory card as well?
If so just load up your most recent save which should be before the final boss.
i format my hard drive this why i dont have my save
could you please post a save !
(05-06-2009, 11:03 AM)belaid12002 Wrote: anybody?

Im currently in the middle of that sandsea desert...but i should be getting to the end of this game in about 2 weeks or so...if you wanna wait a bit??Tongue i'll post my sstate and memory card for you.
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i will thank you lol

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