saving the files errors

Recently, I download "PCSX2 Playground" to play "SD Gundam G Generation Spirit" I have "Save files" in "PCSX2 0.9.5 SVN Rev. 377" Therefore, I copyed "memcards" and "sstates" from "PCSX2 0.9.5 SVN Rev. 377" to "PCSX2 Playground" However, PCSX2 Playground can't road save files from "memcards" but it can read "sstates" But "sstates" can't save in "PCSX2 Playground's memcards" Also, in Ps2 Output, there is message, *** SPU2Ghz Warning: The savestate you are trying to load was not made with this plugin. The emulator will not be stable ! Find a memorycard savespot to save your game, reset, and then continue from there. What do I have to do to solve this problems ?


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you are using unsupported versions.
please use at least latest stable
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