scp driver installer not working for my controller suddently
i never had this issue until somedays ago when my little brother borrowed my ps3 controller cable, as i had to use a different one, and since  the scp driver installer does not recognize my controller whenever i try to connect it to the pc

the problem:

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Hopefully someone else will come with some ideas as well, but for me at least, I'd ask if you made sure to still plug in the controller to the same port as your normally use? Since often times drivers like that get installed just to that USB port basically, so you'd have to reinstall the driver if using the controller in a new port.

If it really just is the cable though, and the port is otherwise the same - my friend once bought some 'nice' thin cables that don't tangle... and... they work - but they have some issues; I don't know what it is, but I have come to assume the 'thin' cable has less throughput, and more susceptibility to signal decay/loss or what you call it - being thinner and still being quite long (Is it like... above 1 meter for non-insulated non-twisted pairs cables is probably already too long for reliable use, around there?)

Could you confirm that your regular cable makes everything work again? (or you mean to say that now that doesn't even work anymore?)

Also did you try to restart your computer? I relatively often have happen that SCP or DS4Windows drivers bug, and Device Manager can't do anything either until I just restart the PC.

Mind you I probably can't be of any more help than that, so if what I wrote is dumb, hold out for someone else to join in with advice : o

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