scp toolkit problem when adding a new controller
HI, i'm using scp toolkit with ps3 controller via USB with a USB Bluetooth o my works fine with my controller. Iinstalled everything and works fine.
NOw, I tried plugin another joystick (2)and it works hooking it up via USB, but when I want to use it via Bluetooth it doesn't recognise. only the joystick 1.

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As far as I remember, using SCP toolkit completely hijacks the Bluetooth host in Windows and only allows DS3 or DS4 controllers to be connected. I remember not being able to pair my XBox One controller via Bluetooth at all when I was still using SCP. If you want to use multiple controllers (especially if they aren't the same), I recommend checking out Nefarius's latest project: BthPS3

I'm using this currently and it allows me to use my PS3 and Xbox One controllers simultaneously via Bluetooth or USB. Following the instructions, I set up my DS3 to emulate an Xbox 360 controller (the PS button even opens up the game bar!). Make sure you use the XBox 360 profiles instead of the DS4 ones though. I used the DS4 configs initially and then found out that I could only use my controller when Steam was open (because Windows 10 doesn't natively support the DS4). The only downsides I've found are that the DS3 will no longer have an idle timeout, so make sure you remember to shut it off. Also, the controller being on or plugged in via USB will prevent Windows from idling the computer to sleep. Finally, it does not support pressure sensitive buttons like SCP.
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