scptoolkit driver installer
Hello everyone and thanks for your attention. I'm looking for help, because after having forcibly installed the drivers for ds3 controller with scptoolkit driver installer of the latest version, the integrated bluetooth device of my pc does not work anymore, even after uninstalling the drivers with the same tool. How can I recover my bluetooth device? My PC is a "HP Pavilion 570-p030nl Desktop" with a Windows 10 home operating system.

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I solved the problem is important for me to help other users, I'm not an expert so maybe I did some superfluous operation:
I noticed that in "windows management" of windows my bluetooth device is present under the heading "libusbk USB devices";
I tried to activate the services "bluetooth support service" and "bluetooth-59370 user support service" (I do not know if this five-digit number is the same in all PCs ...) of the Microsoft Corporation with "System Configuration "and" Services "thinking of obtaining good results, but in the" Management of activities / Services "the two previously mentioned Bluetooth services remain in the stopped state;
I followed a guide on the official support site Windows 10, especially on the malfunction of bluetooth alternation, which I do not know what it means :-), and I came to the simple solution to automatically update device drivers from "Device Management / libusbk USB devices / ... (bluetooth device name). Right click on the device name, then update the drivers by selecting the automatic setting ...
I hope to spare someone this fun :-)
In "Device Manager" the item "libusbk USB Devices" is no longer present and "Bluetooth" is present under "Other devices".

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